Road under construction in Scotland

Road under construction in Scotland

In 2008, a consortium of four construction companies rolled up their sleeves to complete the Interlink M74 in Glasgow. This is the missing link between the M74 near Fullarton Road Junction in Carmyle and the M8 just to the west of Kingston Bridge. Large quantities of TenCate Polyfelt Geolon® PET were used. Expected completion: late 2011.

The completion of the M74 is part of a wide-scale investment project in the road networks in this region. The construction of twelve bridges and a rail link to Glasgow airport comprise part of this, as well. One of the bridges is a 700-metre long steel span over the West Coast Main Line: the 542-km-long rail connection with London.
Ground reinforcement is necessary so the substrate, which is not all that strong for load-bearing, can bear the weight of the on-ramps and exits. Earthen lanes are raised for this purpose. Besides the piling foundation, TenCate Geolon PET 1600 was used there. This is the strongest material that TenCate Geosynthetics has ever created for such a project.

TenCate Polyfelt Geolon PET is a woven geotextile for ground reinforcement. Its basis is 100% high-strength polyester fibres, with a tensile strength in this case of up to 1600 kN/m. It was specially designed for long-term ground reinforcement, in most applications exceeding 100 years. TenCate Geosynthetics can custom-develop products for clients, precisely attuned to the project requirements. Geolon PET is mainly used as sub-reinforcement in earthen strips on soil that has poor bearing strength and in earthen strips on piling foundation. Another application for Geolon PET is underwater applications, because the textile sinks and renders easy installation possible.

Material photo - TenCate TopTex™