Piled embankment on road 383 & 685, Boden, Sweden

The roads 383 & 685 are considered a major artery between the hinterland and the coast for business in northern Sweden. Totally the roads are 3,6 and 3,7 km, the piled embankments are installed at three new bridges. The bridges foundation and the roads up to them are built on a piled embankment, with a total of 5.000 piles. For each bridge there was a unique loading situation, so for each bridge TenCate has supplied different types of woven geotextiles. TenCate has supplied Geolon PET150, PET300 and PET400. The geotextile has been installed on either wooden or concrete piles. The work has been made during the summer of 2013.

Material photo - TenCate TopTex™