The major function of Separation is to prevent two different granular materials from mixing under mechanical stress such as traffic. The characteristics of the input layer are therefore maintained.

The separation geotextile:

  • separates the two different granular materials   

Advantages of the use of the Separation range  

  • economy of fill materials 
  • reduced thickness of the input layer
  • possibility of using materials in situ 
  • easy and rapid implementation


The major function of protection is to prevent piercing of a geomembrane. 

Placed between a geomembrane and the supporting soil or protective layer, the geotextile

  • Absorbs local stress
  • Protects the geomembrane from puncturing 
Advantages of the use of the Protection range
  • Economy of fill materials 
  • Rep of using materials in situ
  • Easy and rapid implementation  


The major function of filtration is to prevent the destabilisation of the soil by internal flows.

The geotextile filter has a dual action: 

•  It holds back the skeleton of the soil allowing the formation of a granular auto-filter 
•  It lets water through 

Advantages of the use of the Filtration range 

•  economy of granular materials 
•  reduced thickness of the filter 
•  easy and low cost implementation 
•  continuity of the filtering structure in the case of deformation of the structure (possibility of seams)


Because fatigue due to traffic and thermal and hydraulic changes are the obvious causes of fissuring, the major function of anti-fissuring is to increase the life span of the roadway.

The bitumen-coated geotextile incorporated into the structure:
  • Slows down the appearance of fissuring
  • Maintains the impermeability of the roadway with respect to infiltration of surface water
  • Absorbs stress at the interface with the road surface  


The major Function of Reinforcement is to guarantee the stability of structures. 

The soil-geosynthetic combination creates a tough and flexible composite material that can bear loads that the soil cannot support alone.

Advantages of the use of the Reinforcement range
  • Economy of fill materials by favouring the use of the site’s materials
  • Production of flexible structures, particularly adapted to compressible soils and sloping land
  • Facility and low cost of implementation
  • No corrosion of metal structures
  • Several possibilities of facings for reinforced walls: modular elements, architectonic facings, planting


The major function of draining is to evacuate water or other liquids towards the structure’s outlets.

Very porous, draining geosynthetics:
  • Convey heavy flows throughout their thickness
  • Drain soil
Advantages of the use of the Drainage range
  • Economy of granular draining materials that are difficult to implement  
  • Gain on the cover of the structure 
  • Facility and low cost implementation 
  • Continuity of draining even in case of deformation of the slope


The major function of sealing is to prevent the flow of water and polluting products towards the natural soil.

Thanks to its very low permeability and high resistance to chemical agents, the Sealing function: 

  • Guarantees the seal of the structure
Advantages of the use of the Sealing Range
  • Strong impermeability of the material
  • Small thickness and economic use of materials
  • Easy installation
  • Control of the seal before and after laying
Material photo - TenCate TopTex™