The new agenda of the United Nations

The new agenda of the United Nations


In 2015, the United Nations set a new agenda for global and sustainable development. This agenda builds on the Millennium Development Goals that were formulated in 2000 to make the world a better, more just and healthier place. The intention was for the goals that were set at that point to be achieved in 2015, or at least for significant progress towards them to have been made. 

And the efforts were successful. In 2015, there is far less poverty in the world than 15 years ago. Far more children receive basic education, the mortality rate among children has fallen significantly and far more people have access to clean drinking water. The fight against diseases like malaria, HIV/aids and tuberculosis has saved millions of lives.

But we still have a long way to go. We are also facing new threats, such as armed conflicts and radicalisation, the increase in natural disasters and the urbanisation that is creating more and bigger slum areas.

That is why a new agenda has been created for the next 15 years: "The road to 2030", with a central theme of sustainable development. The core objectives of the 17 UN Global Goals focus on:

  • Ending extreme poverty
  • Combating inequality and injustice
  • Solving the problem of climate change.
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