Programmes and facilities

Facilities and programme to provide support

Together with a number of partners, TenCate offers all kinds of support to ensure that the community centre functions at optimal level, technically, organisationally, socially and economically. 

Facilities and programme: 

  • access to TenCate extranet, with installation and maintenance manuals, instructional videos and technical specifications;
  • online system for the management of tournaments;
  • development of earnings model for community centre;
  • coaching programme;
  • educational programme. 
Field in a Box Mumbai

Access to TenCate extranet

The local contractors and subcontractors who were involved in the installation and maintenance are given access to the TenCate extranet, where they can find the installation manual, a comprehensive maintenance manual and also instructional videos, plus all the necessary technical documentation on components and parts. 

In this way they are always able to find information about maintenance, repairs and the replacement of parts. TenCate of course makes the right tools available, so that they can carry out their work in a professional manner.


Organising tournaments

With its high-quality synthetic turf pitch, boarding, fencing and lighting, the integrated system resembles a small stadium. It looks a very inviting place on which to play matches, or even to hold entire tournaments with local teams.

And TenCate has even put thought into this too: an online tool is available on the TenCate extranet for setting up and organising tournaments. 

Field in a Box Mumbai

Towards a sustainable earnings model

TenCate Field in a box™ offers local opportunities for generating income, and thus working on sustainable economic and social growth on the spot. The organising of activities, hiring out the sports pitch, operating a canteen, sale of energy that is produced by the solar panels as surplus, and the sale of clean water, including drinking water, from the GreenSource™ water management system are all good examples of this. 

TenCate gives its full  support to the development of a sustainable earnings model for the community centre. By having the available equipment generate as many consumption data as possible, an insight can be gained into practical revenues. At the same time it will provide a financial insight and room to systematically invest further locally.


Coaching programmes

TenCate Field in a box™ works jointly with NGOs that offer programmes to train sports coaches. Once the participants have mastered the training methods, they are able to provide interesting and inspiring training sessions and work on talent development.

Who knows, there may be talented youngsters among them who have it in them to become athletes or professional players. The development and popularising of recreational sports often provide the right environment for top-class sport and, ultimately, Olympic medals. 

The aspiring coaches also learn to use sport to maximum effect to bring about social and personal development. By playing sports, participants master social and personal skills. Sports coaches make sport even more emphatically the driver for empowerment. 

Aspects of the coaching programme: 

  • training methods;
  • development of recreational sport;
  • development of talent;
  • sport as catalyst for empowerment;
  • sport as driver of Olympic ambitions.

Information programmes

TenCate Field in a box™ is an ideal platform for NGOs and other organisations that are attracting attention by providing information and transfer of knowledge about all kinds of current social themes. 

Good examples of these are: information on hygiene, sanitation, the prevention of disease, the HIV/AIDS problem, social issues such as equal rights for women and girls, the participation of vulnerable groups, literacy programmes, information on setting up projects and obtaining subsidies, etc.

Aspects of the information programmes:

  • health;
  • hygiene, sanitation;
  • prevention of disease;
  • HIV/AIDS; 
  • equal rights for women and girls;
  • participation of vulnerable groups;
  • literacy programmes;
  • setting up projects; subsidies.
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