Thorough preparation

Every location is first studied to see what is the most suitable configuration for TenCate Field in a box™. Where exactly should it stand; is there sufficient room for the pitch? What is the composition of the soil and what about the groundwater level, the rainfall and the number of hours of sunshine?

In this way it becomes clear which components should be used to build the system, what the design will look like, how many solar panels are needed and what the GreenSource™ water management system can deliver. 

Once the configuration and the design are established, project planning can begin and the selected components gathered together. 

The constant aim is to obtain as many components as possible locally. In this way only a minimum of components will have to be shipped and everything that has to be supplied will fit into a single container. Sometimes, however, certain components or materials may not be available at the location itself or their quality leaves much to be desired. In such a case additional components can be delivered.

Aspects of thorough preparation:

  • soil conditions and soil analysis;
  • inventory of required modules;
  • design and system approach;
  • project planning;
  • coordination between partners and suppliers;
  • collecting components and putting together the system. 
Background TenCate Field in a Box