Cutting-edge logistics

Thanks to the use of innovative, smart materials and the deployment of a balanced partner network, all the parts that need to be transported will normally fit into a single container. Comparable, traditional systems, however, require three or four containers of freight. It is this compactness that makes the logistics more efficient, cheaper and eco-friendlier. Where possible, it is preferable for transport to be provided by inland shipping, which is eco-friendlier than by road.


Efficient shipping

There are even more advantages. Once it has arrived in the port of destination, the likelihood of delay at customs is slight. After all, there is just a single container to clear. It is thus not very likely that the installation of the system will suffer delay. 

In this TenCate works together with Remant Globe, a global expert in shipping and obtaining customs clearance for containers. Remant Globe has an extensive network of local offices across the world. Even if a delay or other problem should occur, a rapid solution can usually be found. 


Geen retourvracht

Fewer containers per ship also means fewer containers that have to be loaded onto trucks that will eventually take the system to its destination. And here, once again, the advantages of fewer transport movements can be seen, and this results in less environmental impact and lower transport costs.

Finally, there is the advantage that no return freight is required, since the container is an integral part of TenCate Field in a box™, and will remain at its destination to be converted into living and working space.

Aspects of smart logistics: 

  • a single container is generally sufficient for the entire freight;
  • fewer logistics;
  • lower transport costs;
  • less environmental impact;
  • efficient shipping;
  • smooth conclusion of customs formalities;
  • little risk of delay;
  • support from international shipping expert;
  • no return freight. 
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