Installation using local subcontractors

The installation of TenCate Field in a box™ is carried out under the supervision of a TenCate engineer and in close collaboration with local subcontractors. In other words, instead of an entire team of engineers, TenCate sends out just one expert to the location, who will carry out the installation together with subcontractors hired in the region and with local workers. 


Transfer of knowledge

The TenCate engineer ensures that the installation process on site goes smoothly, and passes on his or her knowledge and expertise to the local employees, so that they learn and thoroughly understand all the ins and outs of the total system. This is done through on-the-job training and with the aid of a comprehensive, clear and user-friendly installation manual and instructional videos.

Hence, all the conditions have been created for proper installation. The result is a multi-community centre with an integrated synthetic turf pitch that satisfies the highest standards of international sports associations. 

Aspects of local installation:

  • recruitment and implementation by local subcontractors;
  • installation using local workers; 
  • supervision by TenCate engineer;
  • transfer of knowledge;
  • clear installation manual;
  • instructional videos;
  • completion in accordance with the highest norms and standards. 
Background TenCate Field in a Box