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Cruyff Foundation

The Cruyff Foundation, set up by Johan Cruijff, has been attracting attention for many years. The Foundation started in the Netherlands and is now engaged across the world in building safe pitches for youngsters, known as Cruyff Courts. 

Exercise and sports are enormously important for children. By playing sports they develop their motor skills and physical strength and master personal skills. Those who in their youth do not participate sufficiently in sports will also be hampered by this in later life. Once a person lags behind in motor and athletic capabilities, they can never catch up. Playing sports is also an effective way of combatting conditions such as obesity.

As a result of urbanisation, which is growing rapidly throughout the world, there is a threat of ever fewer places being available for children to be able to play games and sports outside safely and to their hearts’ content. Criminality and impoverished living conditions can also play a role in this. 

Under the motto ‘Give back to children a space to play’, the Cruyff Foundation intends to prevent children from becoming the victims of this ominous trend. The Foundation devotes particular attention to handicapped youngsters. TenCate has wholeheartedly supported the Cruyff Foundation and has been involved with it as a partner for many years now.

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