Partners in implementation

Training of coaches: KNVB WorldCoaches

WorldCoaches was established in 1997 by the Dutch Football Association (KNVB). This organisation focuses on training football coaches in developing countries.  

A WorldCoach teaches children to play football or to improve their game, in a fun yet responsible way, using football as a means to create a stonger and more closely-knit society. Football, after all, helps people develop, improves their quality of life and stimulates the participation and integration of youngsters who would otherwise be left on the sidelines. Through WorldCoaches the KNVB uses the power of football for the development of local communities in developing countries.

By attending a follow-up training course, trained coaches can become instructors, so that they, in turn, can train coaches. The idea is that over time these projects will have become embedded in the communities and can become self-supporting – fully in line with community empowerment and grassroots development.

WorldCoaches is engaged on this work in South America, Africa and Asia, and always collaborates closely with local partners. Famous former Dutch top players like Ruud Gullit, Pierre van Hooydonk and Stanley Menzo have undertaken to be ambassadors of the organisation.

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