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Water management: Pentair

The GreenSource™ water management system is the result of collaboration between two international high-tech companies: TenCate and Pentair. Using its advanced membrane technology, the multinational Pentair develops innovative systems for the filtration and treatment of various types of water, such as rainwater, wastewater and surface water. 

Membrane technology is able to achieve great precision. Pentair also applies this in, for example, spraying equipment for agriculture and horticulture and in cooling systems. It ensures that precisely the required amount of water, raw materials and/or chemicals is used: nothing is wasted. This is an extremely sustainable technology.

"A complete story with a beginning and an end"

"An innovation platform for high-tech companies was the launch pad for our collaboration with TenCate. That is where the development of a water management system for sports pitches all began. It was quite remarkable really, because the combination with sports was something entirely new to us; we mainly work in the field of industrial water treatment. 

The good thing about this is that sports have an immediate appeal; everyone has some sort of connection with them. And this also provided us with new insights. Membrane technology can be used in a great many ways, and this is already happening across the world. Nature herself is also full of membranes. 

The concept of TenCate Field in a boxTM greatly appeals to us. As a company we are socially committed. At the request of the Red Cross and other organisations, we regularly provide, for example, emergency supplies of systems to treat water in disaster areas.

What makes TenCate Field in a boxTM so attractive is the fact that it a complete story, with a beginning and an end: you combine playing sports with a social goal and then link it up with the provision of water. This is a strong combination. If you look at a map of the world, you will see that there is a large overlap of regions where both social growth and safe water are needed."

Stan Bergenhenegouwen
marketing director, Pentair

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