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Security and protection: Heras

The Dutch company Heras supplies high-quality, durable fencing to provide security and protection for TenCate Field in a box™. Heras is regarded internationally as a leading specialist in outdoor security. The company leads the field with innovative, integral solutions for the security of companies, institutions and authorities.  

Heras is keenly aware of its social responsibility and gives practical application to this. The company works constantly on innovations in order to make its own production processses and products increasingly more sustainable; it even makes products that generate energy. In the process Heras seeks collaboration with suppliers and customers in order to join forces and utilise opportunities in the entire value chain.

"Social value of products is becoming increasingly important"
"The idea behind TenCate Field in a Box™ greatly appeals to us because of its sustainable and social character. People who want to participate in sports must be able to do so safely. Our fencing makes a contribution to this. We have developed special profiles and structures for sports pitches like TenCate Field in a Box™, which makes them particularly solid. Nothing can come loose and the fencing makes no noise when a ball is kicked against it. 

As a company we apply corporate social responsibility in many ways: in the manner in which we operate, as well as in our products and production processses. These are now many times cleaner than in the past; we are at the very highest level in terms of climate awareness.  

Sustainability and innovation are key objectives of our policy. Thanks to modern technologies, it is already possible to make fencing without any welding. In this way we reduce the emissions of CO2 and other polluting gasses by as much as 75%. Innovations produce new materials that are sturdy and light, which again results in a reduction in transport costs. Thanks to their modular design, you can transport them to the furthest corners of the earth.  We notice that awareness of the social value of products and production methods is becoming increasingly important. This is an excellent development." 

Rudy Janssens
International account manager, Heras

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