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Roof: Poly-Ned

The Dutch company Poly-Ned is a specialist in ‘textile architecture’: the functional and aesthetic design of buildings, walls, ceilings and other areas, using textile wire-mesh fabrics. Poly-Ned supplies solutions for countless activities with their inflatable buildings, canopies and temporary roofs in the most spectacular forms. 

The company is considered to be a pioneer in the use of new materials, technologies and structures. And with these it develops innovative and ever smarter solutions that are sustainable, light and flexible. Reducing the weight of materials, for example, will produce a lighter background structure, while a large canopy is possible. Poly-Ned has in this way also carried out stunning projects in the world of sports, for football stadiums and skating rinks.

Poly-Ned makes use of a sustainable composite material from TenCate for the roof of TenCate Field in a box™.  This combines superb characteristics: it is light, UV-resistant, weatherproof and extremely strong.

"A safe, lightweight roof that can be assembled by local contractors"

"We have become involved in TenCate Field in a box™ as a result of our good contacts with TenCate. The concept appeals to us because of its CSR philosophy. We ourselves also put this into effect by, for example, offering disabled people or those less fortunate a place in our company. Sustainability forms a part of this. We frequently work, for example, with suppliers who recycle materials.

The challenge for us of TenCate Field in a box™ lies in designing a safe, lightweight roof, which can be assembled easily by local contractors. Of course, we have a great deal of knowledge and experience in this area, and yet every project requires an individual approach. I expect this project to form a solid basis for future initiatives together with the partners in TenCate Field in a box™."

Simon Visser
Director Poly-Ned

Background TenCate Field in a Box