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Public lighting: Philips

The multinational Philips, global market leader in the field of lighting, owes its reputation to quality and innovation. Philips values highly corporate social responsibility. In this way it contributes to improving the health infrastructure in Africa with a comprehensive programme.

Philips also provides community light centres to communities in Africa that have no electricity. These are systems with first-class outdoor LED lighting, powered by solar energy, which is harvested by solar panels. Philips also supplies this lighting system for TenCate Field in a box™.  

"Great to see how all kinds of activities develop"
"By installing lighting, you lengthen the day of a community. Children go there to play or to sit reading in the evenings; people get together; small markets are held. it is great to see how, thanks to the lighting, all kinds of activities develop. At the same time you create a safe place, because you are able to control and monitor whatever happens in the light.  

I myself have seen in Kenya how happy and proud the members of a community are that they have such a facility. It makes a huge impact and means a very great deal to them. I have installed lighting systems in the largest stadiums but, in terms of humanity, nothing gives me as much satisfaction as this."

Frans Kox Project manager,
Community Life Centres, Philips Lighting Africa

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