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Logistics: Remant Globe

The company Remant Globe has been an established name in the maritime transport sector for more than thirty years. The company operates from Antwerp, Rotterdam and Le Havre, and has a global network of agents who all promote the same vision. Remant Globe likes to be known as ‘transport architects’: the company plans optimal logistical routes for its customers and in this demonstrates great dedication and knowledge. 

Remant Globe distinguishes itself by providing added value. The company is responsible for all facets, including customs formalities, and it will go the extra mile to ensure that even the most complicated routes – from door to door and to all corners of the globe – run smoothly. The letters in the name Remant are also the initial letters of the core values of the company: respect, excellence, modern, ambitious, new, transport architects. Remant Globe has for some ten years now been a partner that TenCate likes to work with.

"We transport from door to door"

"Transporting something from from A to B is not so difficult; any self-respecting logistics planner can do that. But what is the smartest and most sustainable route; which means of transport can you use; are there savings to be made on import duties; and how do you prevent delays being caused by customs formalities, which often become a bottleneck?  That is where you will find the added value that we aim to provide. We plan together with the customer all the way through the supply chain. Partners such as TenCate are aware of the value of this; they use logistics actively as an added value for their customers.  Apart from the above, we think the TenCate Field in a box™ concept is splendid. It also provides us with something to show what we are capable of with our out-of-the-box service. We do not just transport a consignment from one port to another; it goes from door to door."

Filip Adam Managing partner,
Remant Globe

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