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Fabric for fencing banners: TenCate Outdoor Fabrics

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics develops and produces high-quality textile fabrics for tents, awnings, wind shields and other outdoor uses. This also makes the company the appropriate supplier of the fabrics that, bearing logos or other information, can be hung up to enhace the appearance of the fencing of TenCate Field in a box™. 

At TenCate Outdoor Fabrics too sustainable innovation is at the top of the agenda. The company is constantly bringing out new, even stonger, lighter and more comfortable fabrics that are resistant to the most diverse weather conditions. 

Moreover, TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is the initiator of the development of digital printing technologies for industrially produced technical textiles. This promising process is many times cleaner and more sustainable than that used in the traditional printing of technical textiles.

"It is precisely this combination of characteristics that makes our fabrics so special"

"It is a fantastic challenge for us to supply textiles for the boarding around the TenCate Field in a box™. This is a new application for us: until now we have mainly supplied textiles for awnings, tents, canopies and related products.

And yet why shouldn’t we also provide fabrics for the boarding around a sports pitch? Our textile fabrics are ideal for this purpose and are made of a blend of fibres, mainly polyesters. A coating is applied on top of these as protection and, finally, after printing, they are given a finish. They are strong and yet relatively light, and are UV-resistant. They have extremely good colour-fastness and are highly resistant to all kinds of weather. The fabrics retain their colour and characteristics under all climatological conditions.

It is no small wonder therefore that our fabrics are used from Scandinavia to South Africa, and even in Australia, because that is where UV radiation is fiercest. It is precisely this combination of characteristics that makes our fabrics so special.

Moreover, we are able to ensure that the specific printing of the fabrics with logos and other images can vary for each individual TenCate Field in a box™. Our in-house digital printing technology enables us to print small runs flexibly, efficiently and extremely sustainably, while the fabrics still retain their outdoor functionalities."

Rob Verver,
Director TenCate Outdoor Fabrics

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