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Collection and storage of water: SWDsystems

The company Sports Water Drainage systems (SWDsystems) is attracting international attention with its innovative systems for sustainable water management. In-depth research and development work underlies these intelligent systems, which make the collection and storage of rainwater and surface water possible. Cleaning functions can also be added. The systems are used, for example  in urban green spaces, gardens, basement car parks, tunnels and sports pitches. 

The Permavoid unit for synthetic turf pitches, such as the one used in TenCate Field in a box™, consists of small plastic ‘crates’ of just 85 millimetres in height. This unit covers the entire pitch and also serves as a foundation layer. The system can to a certain extent also provide treatment of water if this is, for example, to be reused for spraying or irrigation. In order to make it suitable for use as drinking water, the GreenSource™ filtration system is required.

Sports pitches for people and for water

"The time that sports pitches were used only for playing sports is over. They now provide great opportunities for local, sustainable water management, both in dry areas and in regions that are subject to severe or more frequent flooding. By using the pitches for the collection, storage and reuse of water (including rainwater), they perform an important role in the development of communities, as well as in circular water management in the same town."

Rozanne van Vliet

Marketing manager, SWsystems

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