Water management system


GreenSource™: water management system

The GreenSource™ ecological water management system is used for the collection, storage and filtration of rain and other water. It can be used and reused for irrigating the pitch and for other purposes, such as sanitary facilities and irrigation of agricultural and horticultural land.

The synthetic turf systems that are supplied by TenCate Field in a box™ have a drainage function. Irrigation water and rainwater that collects on the pitch can be collected and drained to the GreenSource™ water management system, using a special drainage layer – part of the base layer. 

The latest sport-technical intermediate layer, TenCate Sine™, has an integrated drainage function. Thanks to its innovative weaving technology, TenCate Sine™ can ensure both vertical and horizontal drainage.


Collection and storage of water

During the collection of rainwater and water that has been sprayed onto the sports pitch, the pitch acts as a huge funnel. The water is collected by TenCate Sine™ or a separate drainage layer and conveyed to one or more underground tanks, in which it is stored. In this way up to some 60,000 litres can be collected and stored. The same may also apply to surface water or wastewater. 


Water filtration with membrane technology

The filtration system, which ensures the treatment of stored water, makes use of ultramodern membrane technology from Pentair. Membrane filtration is composed of fibre modules with porous walls, rather like drinking straws. Water is pressed through the minuscule holes in the wall and is filtered in the process. Water quality can be influenced by varying the size of the pores,. This technology is being used increasingly throughout the world in installations for water treatment and the provision of drinking water, in hotels, hospitals, for cleaning shower heads and in coffee machines and ice-makers. 


Water management

GreenSource™ makes it possible for water to be used sustainably, effectively and efficiently. This is of prime importance - certainly in areas where water is scarce or, in some parts of the year, extremely scarce. GreenSource™ ensures optimal use and reuse of water. Thanks to filtration, the water is suitable for a variety of purposes:

  • spraying the sports pitch;
  • sanitary uses and cleaning activities; 
  • irrigation of agricultural and horticultural land;
  • clean, healthy, entirely risk-free drinking water. 
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