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TenCate Accorder en Sine

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TenCate Field in a box™ is een totaaloplossing, bestaande uit diverse modules die elk op hun eigen gebied duurzame oplossingen bieden.

TenCate Sine, TenCate Accorder and TenCate Ecocept

Easy-to-install synthetic turf system

Thanks to material technological innovations, the TenCate Field in a box™ synthetic turf sports pitch is both quick and easy to install. The visible pitch is, however, only a part of this: a synthetic turf pitch is a system, consisting of various layers, each with its own functionalities. Bringing these perfectly into line with each other creates a high-quality pitch. 

TenCate Sine™ ensures sports safety and shock absorption
The base includes a layer that ensures stabilisation and, on top of this, a sport-technical intermediate layer. This layer determines to a great extent such characteristics as ball rebound and shock absorption, and it cushions the effect when players fall. The newly developed sport-technical intermediate layer, TenCate Sine™, is made of polyethylene foam, enhanced by a unique woven structure. TenCate Sine™ ensures even greater sports safety and shock absorption, and prolongs the service life of the pitch even further, since the pitch has less to withstand. TenCate Sine™ is also used in TenCate Field in a box™.

TenCate Accorder™ dispenses with the need for deep digging
Conventional synthetic turf systems normally use a deep layer of loose-structured soil of some forty to fifty centimetres for the base layer. 

However, for the TenCate Field in a box™ pitch system a compact stabilising base layer has been developed: TenCate Accorder™. This sturdy module, made of a light yet exceptionally strong geotextile, is only five-and-a-half centimetres high. This means that far less ground needs to be dug up and, as a rule, heavy machinery is not required. 

The TenCate Accorder™ is made up of dozens of compartments per square metre that can each be filled with local sand, rubble, grit and laterite. Since these are almost universally available, no trucks need to be used to bring in materials over long distances, which saves on time and costs, as well as on CO2 emissions. 

TenCate Field in a Box

Reuse of end-of-life materials

Coarse end-of-life materials can be used and reused for filling the stabilising underlayer. An alternative base layer has recently been developed that combines the stabilising and sport-technical functions: TenCate Ecocept™. This is also ideal for use in the TenCate Field in a box™ pitch system. 

End-of-life plastics and rubbers can be used for filling TenCate Ecocept™. Approximately 14 tons are needed for a standard TenCate Field in a box™ pitch system, measuring 40 x 20 metres. 

The TenCate Field in a box™ synthetic turf system offers countless advantages:

  • reuse of coarse and end-of-life materials; 
  • low installation costs; 
  • rapid installation;
  • extremely strong base; 
  • reduction in CO2 emissions;
  • suitable for drainage; 
  • strong yet lightweight; 
  • all components are fully recyclable and /or reusable. 
TenCate Sine, TenCate Accorder and TenCate Ecocept
TenCate Sine, TenCate Accorder and TenCate Ecocept

Ecological water management using GreenSource™

GreenSource™ is an innovative system for ecological water management that can be included as a module in TenCate Field in a box™. This system was developed in close collaboration between several international high-tech companies, including TenCate and Pentair. 

GreenSource™ ensures the collection, storage and filtration of rainwater, groundwater and wastewater. The water can thus be used and reused for irrigation of the pitch, for sanitary purposes and for irrigation of local agricultural and horticultural land. Thanks to its ingenious filtration system, GreenSource™ produces clean and entirely reliable drinking water.

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