Safety and protection


Fencing can be installed around the TenCate Field in a box™ sports pitch to guarantee personal and public safety. Heras has provided a sound, advanced and aesthetically pleasing solution for this purpose: fencing that can be locked. 

The joints in the fencing are of outstanding quality; there are no projecting parts and when a ball is kicked against it, no noise is produced.

Fencing Mozambique

Banners on the fencing

The Heras fencing can also function as an information carrier and suspension system for fencing banners: fabrics bearing, for example, the logos of partner-organisations and sponsors. 

For this purpose TenCate Outdoor Fabrics supplies UV-resistant fabrics made of a polyester fabric with a microporous coating and water-repellent finish. These fabrics are strong, durable and waterproof, yet are breathable and retain their colour in all weather conditions. The digital printing process enables images, logos and the like to be applied in high resolutions, thus giving a sharp, high-quality image. 

All these characteristics make the fabrics ideally suited to use outdoors.

Field in a Box Mumbai

Integration of lighting masts

The LED lighting masts can also be integrated into the Heras fencing. A single structure for both facilities provides added strength, savings on costs (both logistical and installation costs) as well as additional ease of construction. 

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