Public lighting

Public lighting

In many developing countries it gets dark very early. Lighting lengthens the day and thus contributes to an improvement in living conditions. Lighting also makes it possible to hold all kinds of activities in the evenings: sports, homework classes, small markets, meetings, and many more.

The lighting system for TenCate Field in a box™ is supplied by Philips LED. This is a sustainable, energy-efficient and modern system, consisting of two parts:

  • a lockable unit, fitted with solar panels and batteries in order to harvest and store solar energy during the day; 
  • a set of LED lighting, including lighting masts.

An individual lighting plan is drawn up for each location on the basis of such factors as local conditions and the area that needs to be lit. The lighting masts for TenCate Field in a box™ can be incorporated into the strong Heras fencing, using a sturdy structure.


Generating energy with solar panels

A lockable unit with solar panels and batteries that ensures the harvesting of energy and its storage. Some 7.6 kwh of energy can be produced daily.

The energy is primarily intended for lighting the sports pitch and the surrounding area. The surplus energy can be used to charge telephones and other mobile equipment.


Energy-efficient LED lighting

The LED lights in the Philips lighting system can cover an area of between 1,000 to 7,000 m2. This LED lighting can work for some four to five hours each evening. 

LED lighting is 90% more energy efficient than conventional lighting that uses halogen lamps. It is precisely the Philips LED lighting that thus makes the use of this sustainable system technically and financially viable. 

The lighting system contains:

  • a lockable, smart solar-energy unit; 
  • batteries; 
  • solar panels;
  • tools;
  • remote monitoring;
  • fittings for LED lighting;
  • lighting masts;
  • installation of the system;
  • training and documentation;
  • two-year guarantee, with option of a longer period of time. 

Technical performance relates to:

  • four to five hours of lighting each evening; 
  • 7.6 kwh of energy available daily; 
  • 15 lux average light strength; 
  • three days’ autonomous capacity battery units. 

Public lighting

The advantages of public lighting include:

  • sports and other activities in the evening; 
  • high-quality LED lighting; 
  • lights an area of between 1,000 and 7,000 m2;
  • no electricity costs; 
  • improvement in living conditions; 
  • opportunities for small business: renting out, sale of energy; 
  • makes sports even more emphatically the driving force for social and economic development.
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