Modular solution

TenCate Field in a box™: everything that is needed for a multifunctional community centre

TenCate Field in a box™ is a complete, turnkey solution to create a multifunctional community centre. The system is designed to be modular and can be expanded as standard with a range of options. 

The TenCate Field in a box™ configuration has these facilities as standard:

Field system

  • A synthetic turf field plus a subsurface, for a mini sports field, suitable for all kinds of sports, including football, handball, rugby, hockey and cricket. The standard dimensions of the field are 40 x 20 metres.


  • A high-quality, rustproof and sound-damping fencing with a goal and ball catchers. The fencing can be fitted with banners that can display the logos of companies that are involved in the project, for example.


  • Field lighting with sustainable, energy-efficient LED lighting allows sports to be played in the evenings and also encourages other activities around the sports field, such as evening markets, get-togethers etc. 

The system can be expanded using these optional facilities:


  • The container that is used to deliver the system can be easily converted into a community building with space, for example, for an office, meeting room, classroom, medical room etc. Windows, doors and frames are supplied and the container can be fitted with information banners and a canopy.


  • A light yet extremely strong UV-resistant canopy that covers the field with advanced textile materials to offer protection against driving rain and strong sunlight. This significantly increases the usability of the field. 

Water management

  • The GreenSource™ ecological water management system for collecting, storing and filtering (rain)water that can be used and reused to spray the field and for other applications, such as sanitation and irrigating agricultural and horticultural land. 

Energy supply

  • The unit comes with solar panels for renewable energy; during the day, the energy can be collected and stored in a battery unit that can also be supplied. A ready-made energy plan can be created on request and tailored to the local conditions.
TenCate Field in a Box

Consistently high quality

The synthetic turf system from TenCate Field in a box™ is high quality and consistently sustainable from a technical perspective. The field can tolerate intensive use and maintains its level of quality over time. All materials are reusable or recyclable.

Superior technical sporting characteristics

By developing synthetic turf fibres with the innovative XP™ technology, TenCate has succeeded in delivering synthetic turf fields that offer extraordinary levels of functionality and superior technical sporting characteristics. This means that they are better than natural grass fields. 

The optimum damping provided by the TenCate Sine® shockpad ensures synthetic turf fields are safer for athletes' joints, reducing the risk of injury. We can truly say that they are playable around the clock, throughout the year.

Choose from three systems for the synthetic turf field

Synthetic turf fields are systems comprising a top layer, the field and then the substructure; the latter is at least as important as the other two elements because it is responsible for characteristics including stability, drainage and elasticity.

TenCate has developed three different substructure systems for TenCate Field in a box™ — this ensures that a suitable solution is available for any location throughout the world:

  • Substructure systems that are easy and fast to install and that offer significant savings in terms of CO2 emissions
  • Substructure systems that reuse waste materials
  • Substructure systems that can offer water management 


The synthetic turf system from TenCate Field in a box™ is extremely cost-efficient, starting with the installation. The TenCate Accorder™ means that no heavy excavators are required and all raw materials, where required, can usually be found in the immediate surroundings. This also means that the entire system can also be delivered in just one container, whilst traditional projects may well require three or four. 

The maintenance costs for the synthetic turf field are extremely low. Spraying may be desirable during periods of prolonged heat and the synthetic turf with infill also has to be swept from time to time, so that the grains are redistributed properly across the entire field. 


As the developer and producer of synthetic turf, TenCate Grass is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. TenCate Grass is not only the global market leader in the production of synthetic turf fibres and synthetic turf systems, but is also breaking new ground in terms of research and development. There are good reasons why TenCate Grass has links with a range of sports associations, such as FIFA, FIH and IRB, and why numerous TenCate components and systems have been developed in accordance with the standards that are applied by these international sports associations. 


The components that are used for TenCate Field in a box™ have undergone extensive testing in in-house and external laboratories and they comply with the most stringent quality specifications. 

It is extremely important that a sports field is stable in terms of UV, so TenCate works with the most high-quality components and is therefore able to offer long UV warranties on the synthetic turf fibres. The ultimate UV warranty that is granted depends on the total number of hours of sun and the sun activity (W/m2) for the location in question. 

TenCate has taken out umbrella CAR insurance that is valid worldwide to cover against risks during the building process — whether this is for just one project, or for all the projects throughout the year. This provides coverage for damage during work on the building site as well as during the maintenance period. Transporting containers with building materials and parts is also covered.

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