Multifunctional use

The container - the box - in which TenCate Field in a box™ is transported and delivered can be converted into a local community centre with numerous functionalities. 

The uses to which it can be put are almost limitless. Below, a few examples:

  • information and education centre;
  • classroom;
  • medical post;
  • a room for holding meetings;
  • a place for people to get together;
  • storage area.

Conversion using prefabricated parts

The volume of a standard container is 40 ft HC, with dimensions of 12.20 metres in length, 2.44 metres in width and 2.89 metres in height. Converting this into a community centre is not a complicated task.Quite the opposite, in fact: it is simple and does not take much time. 

TenCate supplies various accessories with the container to enable its conversion. The standard package has two doors and two windows, fitted with shutters and locks, and prefabricated frames are also supplied. All these accessories are custom-made and are simple to assemble.

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