2. Harvesting crop

End hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

TC-GlobalGoals-Icon02With the GreenSource™ module, a system for ecological water management, TenCate Field in a box™ helps to develop small-scale agriculture and horticulture and to increase production and yield. The sports field acts as a huge funnel, with the capacity to collect and store up to 60,000 litres of water underneath. This can be rain water, surface water or groundwater. A filtration system makes the water suitable for drinking, for using in sanitary facilities and for irrigating agricultural and horticultural land. The grower offers the harvest for sale at the community centre market in the evening, under the bright lights of the LED lamps, which are also part of TenCate Field in a box™.

In summary, this project: 

  • Provides water storage; 
  • Provides water purification;
  • Provides water for hygiene and irrigation;
  • Provides clean drinking water;
  • Stimulates economic activity.
Greensource South Africa
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