11. Strengthening society

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

TC-GlobalGoals-Icon11TenCate Field in a box™ provides a wide range of solutions and opportunities to make living environments—from city slums to remote, isolated villages—safer, more sustainable and resilient. The project contributes to the economic, social, educational and medical infrastructure. It offers a platform for all kinds of activities for all residents of a community, young and old, with the aim of making them stronger ('empowerment'). 

The sustainable synthetic turf system is suitable for playing all kinds of sports. The various systems available all provide a specific contribution to a greener and cleaner world by recycling end-of-life materials, reducing CO2 emissions and providing ecological water management.

Around the field is a high-quality, coated fence system, which ensures safety and protection. The fencing, the container and the surroundings can be embellished with digitally printed outdoor fabrics. The sports field and container can be fitted with a canopy that protects against UV radiation. Energy-efficient LED lighting extends the daylight, providing a better quality of life. The lighting is a tremendous incentive for many social and economic activities. Information and coaching programmes contribute to the development and strengthening ('empowerment') of people and communities.The installation and use of the multifunctional community centre also generate employment opportunities. 

In summary, this project: 

  • Optimises the learning and living environment;
  • Facilitates grassroots sport, talent development, provides a basis for high-level sport;
  • Uses high-quality materials with a long service life 
  • Uses LED lighting as an efficient and sustainable light source;
  • Uses communication to facilitate an open culture;
  • Provides a platform for personal development and a good group dynamic.
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