10. Developing grassroots

Reduce inequality within and among countries

TC-GlobalGoals-Icon10Economic growth only generates sustainable growth when the environment and the social environment also reap some of the benefits. These aspects together—also known as People, Planet, Profit, or Triple P—determine the value of products, services, production methods, business models and so on. 

TenCate Field in a box™ scores highly in these areas. The integrated system approach ensures optimal ecological development in the community.

International partnerships and local cooperatives also ensure that connections are made and that limitations are removed. And that is precisely the solution that the problems of our time—including inequality between people and between countries—require. TenCate Field in a box™ represents a new way of thinking and taking action: acting sustainably and seeing the unique talents in every human being. TenCate Field in a box™ gives people equal opportunities. It is a demonstrable and sustainable impetus for the development of well-being and prosperity in local communities across the world.

In summary, this project:

  • Provides grassroots development;
  • Strengthens communities ('empowerment');
  • Offers an integrates system approach;
  • Encourages partnerships and co-creation;
  • Promotes social, economic and ecological development;
  • Provides a sustainable, effective impetus for health and wellbeing.
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