1. Generating income

End poverty in all its forms everywhere

TC-GlobalGoals-Icon01TenCate Field in a box™ helps combat poverty in a sustainable way and stimulate local employment. Instead of sending out a team of engineers, only one project manager is required on location. He or she uses a comprehensive, user-friendly manual and an instructional video to explain to local workers how the TenCate Field in a box™ modules should be installed step by step. At least 1000 working hours are required for the installation alone. In addition, there is plenty more work to be done prior to delivery of the project in areas such as local production and logistics.

Once the project is complete, people are also needed to run the community centre, to organise activities, carry out maintenance and management, coach and train sports teams, organise football matches, and so on. TenCate Field in a box™ links up with NGOs to commit to providing educational programmes in areas such as the empowerment of minorities, women and/or disabled people, hygiene and health programmes, micro-credit opportunities and fighting illiteracy. With these programmes, which should be tailored to local needs, people are encouraged to develop and continue to progress. The expectation is that the project will also create initiatives, which will provide employment opportunities. 

The community centre is a magnet for economic activity. Hairdressing salons, Internet cafés and vegetable and food stalls are attracted to the location because there is always something going on and it is a gathering point for many people. Lighting ensures that markets can also take place in the evening. This creates a new infrastructure that offers economic and social prospects.

In summary, this project:

  • Stimulates local employment;
  • Promotes knowledge transfer;
  • Provides incentives for social and economic infrastructure;
  • Offers safety and protection;
  • Promotes small business initiatives;
  • Provides coaching and education programmes;
  • Promotes personal development ('empowerment'). 
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