5. Empowering people

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

TC-GlobalGoals-Icon05Women and girls across the whole world are still faced with oppression and unequal opportunities. With the support of NGOs, there are plenty of projects that seek to change that. One way to create this change is the provision of sports programmes, such as football for girls. Sport is an excellent way of building self-confidence, resilience, perseverance and other personal skills. Coaching programmes train students to become coaches, with attention paid to sports and strengthening the position of women and girls ('empowerment'). Education and information also play a significant role. TenCate Field in a box™ offers a well-equipped and safe place for all these activities, both during the day and in the evening. In summary, this project: 
  • Provides infrastructure for information and training;
  • Provides a way to transfer information;
  • Strengthens ('empowers') girls and women;
  • Provides coaching programmes;
  • Provides a safe environment.
Greensource South Africa
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