About us

Main activities of TenCate in digital textiles

Towards the factory of the future

Executing the Factory of the Future by creating digital solutions for the future of textile processing and products derived from the technology base:

  • TenCate as launching customer
  • Proven solutions will be sold on the market worldwide

Two digital textiles solutions are being marketed at the moment:

  1. Sales of reactive and disperse textile inks for DOD inkjet printing systems
  2. Sales, supply and service of Xennia Osiris inkjet printing systems and belonging inks for this system

From technical textiles towards smart textiles

Working on realizing advanced production technologies for cost leadership and functional innovations, considering the important conditions for mass customization and on-demand delivery
To support the vision of TenCate in market oriented value chain management and honoring the present two most important global trends: safety & sustainability

Programs that will run in the Factory of the Future:

  • Digital finishing and digital dying, replacing the present conventional analog production processes 
  • New functionalities for new applications, adding new characteristics to products for growth in existing markets and the establishment of new markets
  • From technical textiles towards smart textiles (towards ambient intelligent materials)
  • The combination of these programs can lead to integrated, multilayered smart textile systems, produced in preferably one process batch on continuous production lines
Factory of the Future graphic
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)