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Soft armour

TenCate Advanced Armour ballistic fabrics and prepregs feature a comprehensive range of products that include high-performance ballistic fabrics, coated fabrics, prepregs and semipregs, and unidirectional-based fibre materials. The fabrics are used in a wide range of personal protection equipment. These include body armour, helmets, fragmentation blankets, anti-ballistic shields and the backings for protective armour used in vehicles, ships and aircraft.

TenCate Pro-Tector®


TenCate Pro-Tector® is based on multi-threat personal protective materials designed to protect against a wide range of hand weapons. TenCate Pro-Tector® can be customised to meet individual requirements.

TenCate Pro-Tector® is certified in accordance with international standards that include NIJ, PSDB, ISO, TR, Mil and NATO STANAG, as well as customer-specific requirements.

Personal protection

An increase in threats and violence, both locally and around the world, makes it essential that personal protection for those who work in potentially life-threatening environments can withstand any threats they might encounter. 

Both overt and covert solutions are increasingly being used for multi-threat protection against threats such as bullets, fragment blasts, knives and even hypodermic needles. TenCate Pro-Tector® provide this kind of protection in one single non-metallic high-performance solution.  

TenCate Pro-Tector® is currently being used by many different law enforcement organisations, security companies and military forces in operations around the world, in which outstanding protection under varying conditions and in unforeseen situations is essential.

Customised solutions


Working closely with decision makers and garment manufacturers, we can investigate specific potential threats that could be encountered, in order to configure a suitable lightweight concept. The weatherproof characteristics of TenCate Pro-Tector®, as well as the back face deformation-reducing effects with no need for a trauma liner or extensive stitching, provide key additional advantages. 

TenCate Pro-Tector® provides excellent opportunities for developing the lightest, best-performing multi-threat solution for personal protective solutions. There are several options in each market application segment. In law enforcement operations, for example, TenCate Pro-Tector® provide overt solutions for street surveillance as well as providing prison guards with covert protection. Coast guard patrols benefit from the additional weatherproof characteristics. Security staff, VIPs and air marshals can discretely use protection against close-range attacks. In military use, TenCate Pro-Tector® solutions provide excellent modular protection in urban combat zones and in special ops. 

TenCate Pro-Tector® provides all user groups with customised solutions for a wide range of threat protection combined high comfort and extended endurance. Working closely with clients, TenCate Advanced Armour can analyse specific threats to configure a lightweight solution suitable for particular requirements. It is an easily customisable, flexible and comfortable solution for personnel protection.


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TenCate Pro-Tector®