Naval armour

Radar-transparent protection


TenCate Advanced Armour provides protection with special capabilities for radomes and other sensitive equipment onboard. The mission critical radar equipment are protected by customized radome armour pieces constructed from state-of-the-art components and composite material mixes. The immense level of research and expertise applied in the development of these products ensure end-users with a high level of protection for radomes with little or no negative impact on maneuverability despite the elevated position of the armoured radomes.

Essential lightweight protection


TenCate Advanced Armour applies innovative techniques in order to provide end-users with the most appropriate armour solutions available. Radome protection solutions from TenCate Advanced Armour incorporate the latest developments in 3D armour solutions to ensure an excellent weight to protection ratio. The 3D solutions provide significant weight reductions over conventional armour solutions. Thanks to 3D engineering, TenCate Advanced Armour can decrease material thickness to secure the best operational conditions for sensitive radar equipment and increase the radar capability of the vessel.


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