Naval armour

TenCate Advanced Armour and PT Bay Industrial Indonesia

Experience the amazing speed and maneuverability of this armoured RHIB delivered to Komando Pasukan Khusus (Indonesian Special Forces) by our partner PT Bay Industrial Indonesia. With lightweight composite armour from TenCate Advanced Armour integrated within the rubber tubing of the boat, this boat is built for speed and has a top speed of 53 knots in open waters.

Armour solutions for small vessels

TenCate Advanced Armour for small naval vessels is a tailored lightweight system that achieves maximum protection with only a minimum of weight.

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Paramount protection on board

TenCate Advanced Armour provides customised lightweight protection solutions specially for use in small naval vessels. 

Naval vessel armour is used to ensure a high degree of personnel protection on board, especially in critical areas. It is a lightweight system that only adds a minimum of weight to the vessel, thus providing excellent protection with only negligible effect on payload and speed.

Customised solutions

Naval armour for small vessels is designed and customised to tackle individual project specifications, so that it fits into specific requirements for personnel protection. These protective solutions feature materials that include rubberised aramid, high-performance polyethylene, ceramics and special metals. 

The protection level is often from NATO STANAG 4569 level I to III, or we customise solutions to cover specific requirements. 

These materials play a vital part in the high multi-hit capability of this system, resulting in an exceptional degree of protection should the vessel get hit by multiple projectiles or fragments. Applying TenCate Rosist™ to the protection panels makes the vessel armour resistant to ordinary types of chemicals, fluids, fire, UV light, shock and vibrations. 

TenCate Advanced Armour protection solutions are tested in accordance with NATO STANAG 4569 as well as numerous other international standards to ensure the highest degree of protection on board.


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