Naval armour

TenCate Tactical Naval Shield

TenCate Advanced Armour provides a manoeuvrable ballistic protection for small calibre gun mounts. The armour is specially designed to be light weight and deployable by two personnel within 10 minutes, with a flexible design able to be configured to meet a high number of threats. The modular shield, designed for naval vessels, can be modified for use in a multitude of areas. Its flexible design ensures that personnel can be protected in any situation. All panels and framework are standardised to ensure minimal spares and maximum flexibility. The ballistic panels are designed to be easily maintained in the field with little training. Armour tested to NATO STANAG Level 1 or Level 2 threat level can be incorporated into the Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solution. A level III solution is also available.

Tailored protection

The shield attaches to the floor/deck using an adaptor plate which can be modified to suit existing vessel/vehicle configuration to ensure the armour can be used anywhere. The ballistic panels can be replaced with the many TCAA armour solutions, including TenCate Liba®, TenCate Armourtex™ and TenCate Ceratego™, to fulfil any customer specified threat. The ballistic panels and associated frame is designed and tested to ensure seaworthiness. The design can incorporate customer specified environments including low magnetic signature and radar cross section. TCAA’s engineering team can provide a rapid, personalised, bespoke design solution to ensure individual requirements are captured and incorporated.


Key advantages

  • In-service in operational theatres
  • Flexible to maximise protection
  • Modular concept to fit numerous locations
  • Robust in operation for demands of the marine environment
  • Deployable by two personnel in less than 15 minutes
  • No restriction on arcs of fire
  • Minimal training requirement
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Standardised to minimise spares inventory
  • Standard and bespoke storage solutions available
  • Repair options available
  • After sales support and post design services
  • COTS - STANAG 4569 level I or level II
  • COTS - minimised radar cross section
  • COTS - minimised magnetic signature
  • COTS - system weight below 200 kg

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