Light land systems

Survivability and mobility

Armour for light

TenCate Advanced Armour can provide customers with a wide range of highly specialised solutions with cutting-edge technology to increase the survivability and retain mobility for light four-wheel-drive vehicles. The solutions offered draws on years of experience and a deep understanding of the interplay between composite materials and blast, fragmentation and ballistic threats. The solutions of TenCate Advanced Armour are light in weight and offer the end-user an unprecedented level of protection. Special composite mixes ensure users safety and the use of complex 3D components increase the survavibility of the solution to defeat threats.

OEM integration and retro-fit

Through the years, TenCate Advanced Armour has acquired a vast experience in vehicle armour. TenCate Advanced Armour can provide technical assistance to OEMs for a full system integration or advanced retro-fitting to answer specific threats.



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