Armour for military vehicles

Retro-fit process

With an experienced staff of engineers and other personnel, TenCate Advanced Armour can provide for the whole process of retrofitting on the basis of customer requirements. TenCate engineers can scale, measure, develop, and mount special armour solutions that correspond to the exact level of threat anticipated. TenCate personnel can also provide for certification and offset procedures involved with the application of high-level armour systems.    

TenCate Advanced Armour has acquired a large pool of experience in retro-fit projects ranging over all kind of vehicles. Former customers for retro-fit projects have involved several MoDs and high profile vehicle manufacturers. The experience in retro-fit projects ensure customer of a high level of expertise available for all phases from requirement to actual mission.


Step one - Customer requirements

Working closely with the customer, we identify and specify the solution necessary to meet the project requirements. 

Identifying specifications

We work with the customer to identify and agree about specifications, focusing on: weight, size, price, security level and issues such as compliance with environmental standards, flame resistance, delivery terms, etc.

Step two - Proposal and test

The R&D department of TenCate Advanced Armour develops, configures and tests the initial proposal. 

Process 2


The R&D department completes the initial proposal for the new customised product, either from scratch or based on existing solutions.  We have our own testing facilities with shooting range.  Ballistic impact tests and assessments of environmental effects are carried out, and the appropriate test certificates are issued. 

Prototype drawings 

Computerised 3-D CAD drawings are made to provide a visual impression of the final product, in conjunction with the specifications of the proposed solution.

Step three - Contract completion

Details of the business contract are agreed on, and the contract is signed. 


Contractual material is drawn up, laying out the agreed conditions and specifications, based on the drawings of the prototype.

Step four - Mock-up design freeze

Customer and technical department make the necessary adjustments before final agreement on design, specifications and configuration. 

Process 3

Initial mock-up 

Based on the CAD files, a mock-up is made in wood or some similar material. 

Final mock-up and design freeze 

The technical and production departments undertake a critical design review, in close collaboration with the customer. Any adjustments that prove to be necessary are made, and the design is then ”frozen”. 

Prototype produced 

A O-series prototype is produced, using the agreed materials and featuring the agreed design. This is a key stage before any work on the actual order can commence.

Step five - Series production

The full-scale production run is carried out, and the components are delivered to the customer. 

process 4


First order is delivered to the customer or the appropriate vehicle integrator. Installation work is carried out by the customer.

Step six - Operational follow-up

The customised solution is now well-tested and proven via operations in the field. 

Ongoing collaboration on after-sales service and mid-life upgrades 

Standard procedures for effective collaboration are established. Damaged panels can be repaired or replaced. 

Over time, ongoing developments in materials science and the introduction of new standards can render products or installations obsolete. In such cases, it may be necessary to carry out upgrade programmes. Outdated products and materials are always disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Quality assurance


The TenCate Advanced Armour quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.   

Throughout the processes involved, each raw material, semifinished product and finished product is identified and monitored, ensuring that its history is fully documented – and is therefore traceable. The TenCate Advanced Armour Quality Assurance System extends through all aspects of contract compliance monitoring, including design, product development, purchase, manufacturing, inspection, maintenance, packing, shipping and storage. 

All supplies and services procured or performed are inspected to make sure they comply with the applicable contractual and regulatory requirements. 

TenCate Advanced Armour operates three manufacturing facilities – in Primarette, France, in Swindon in the UK, and in Vissenbjerg, Denmark – each with its own quality certificate and quality manager. In order to ensure the best possible quality – and the most consistent – the different plants merge their quality management systems whenever appropriate. 

People that make a difference

Process 5

TenCate Advanced Armour is a flexible, highly focused working partner, staffed by outstanding technical experts in a wide range of specialist fields, including production technology, technical design and chemical engineering. 

These expert teams are backed by specialised export, communication and sales departments, and they all work closely with the customer to meet operator and user requirements as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. 

Close contact and effective dialogue with the customer are vital for achieving the best results. We therefore assign each customer a designated contact person, to ensure smooth, reliable communication and coordination at every stage. 

All our staff are trained to provide customers with the best possible access to our manufacturing capabilities, effective supply chain and state-of-the-art solutions.


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