Aircraft armour

Exterior protection

TenCate Advanced Armour exterior protection solutions for aircraft are highly durable and lightweight. The armour components used for exterior protection have special added capabilities that ensure end-users with an excellent overall system performance for armour as well as aircraft. The exterior armour solutions are essential to protect the mission-critical areas on the aircraft and retain operability.

Radar-transparent armour


TenCate Advanced Armour works with DSM Dyneema to provide customers with state-of-the-art radar-transparent armour solutions. TenCate panels for protection of radomes are light in weight and are designed with system performance and vehicle centre-of-gravity in mind. The panels are designed in close cooperation with OEMs to protect the vital equipment from a wide range of threats.

Side door solutions

Side door

TenCate Advanced Armour designs and produces one-piece, lightweight 3D composite solutions for doors, ramps and other structural components. TenCate protection systems are easy to install and dismantle and are tested for durability and stress resistance in order for the system to withstand demanding use in combat environments.

3D engine and exhaust protection


TenCate Advanced Armour provides complex 3D composite armour solutions for special areas such as engines and exhaust systems. The armour solution is designed for extreme temperature performance and durability and consists of complex precision-engineered 3D components in order to ensure the highest level of protection.


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