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Aircraft armour

In protecting aircraft, every kilogram of weight matters, due to the potential degradation to performance and reduction in payload. Aircraft armour from TenCate Advanced Armour is therefore designed to provide maximum protection with only a minimum of weight added.

TenCate Advanced Armour has a broad experience in aerospace composite solutions. These protection solutions have been designed for OEM and retrofit applications and have been approved according to civilian and military aerospace regulations regarding environmental properties, stress, reliability and safety requirements.

TenCate Advanced Armour designs ballistic protection panels ‘built to print’ and ‘built to spec’ with high dimensional accuracy and quick-fix interfaces to ensure easy and fast installation and de-installation with low maintenance which offers a reduced whole life cost solution.

The ballistic protection will be designed and produced in a dedicated aerospace EN9100 certified and NATO security cleared production site. TenCate Advanced Armour provides whole life support for the ballistic protection solutions using a professional Integrated Logistic Support organization worldwide.

The high level of protection is achieved by using the most lightweight materials currently available such as TenCate Liba® CX or TenCate Ceratego™ CX. The solutions result in a high multi-hit capability, protecting the aircraft against the effects of multiple projectiles or fragments.


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