10 July 2013

TenCate Advanced Armour provides ballistic protection for twin hulled offshore raider

At the DSEI exhibition in London from 10-13 September 2013, CTruk will be unveiling the new twin hulled offshore raider, THOR, a fast, stable and multi-role force protection craft for which TenCate Advanced Armour provides ballistic protection solutions.

Designed by CTruk, THOR incorporates a range of high-tech equipment provided by the CTruk CAP consortium of which TenCate Advanced Armour is a member. The companies that form CTruk CAP consortium have joined forces to compete in a market dominated by larger corporations.

The result of this teamwork is THOR: a multi-role, reconfigurable and affordable vessel with a range of applications from force protection to disaster relief.  THOR has a lightweight composite construction, which gives excellent fuel efficiency, thereby saving on operating costs and maximizing time on task. With a top speed in excess of 40 knots, THOR is fast and suitable for sustained operations over long distances and time periods. It can be rapidly deployed via a C17 or A400M and also from a CTruk 50T mother ship. This vessel ticks all the boxes in terms of multi-role, high performance and cost efficiency.

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