5 July 2013

TenCate Advanced Armour supplies materials for vehicles for Commando Corps

TenCate Advanced Armour supplies anti-ballistic materials for 50 new vehicles for the Dutch Commando Corps, the so-called Air Transportable Tactical Vehicles. Wednesday, July 3 the Defence Materiel Organization signed a contract with the Dutch company Defenture.

Apart from better road capabilities, the new Air Transportable Tactical Vehicles (ATTV) have more payload than current vehicles. This is essential in view of the mandate of the Special Operations Forces. Reconnaissance and attacks on enemy targets may need to be performed deep within enemy territory. At times there are severe geographical and climatic conditions, without outside logistical support. 

Because the Commando Corps can also be inserted by helicopters, the special forces’ vehicles can be transported in and under Chinook transport helicopters. ATTV vehicles can be equipped with several armor solutions supplied by TenCate Advanced Armour.

TenCate Advanced Armour EMEA                                                                                                                             Almelo, the Netherlands, Thursday 4 July 2013

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