11 May 2015

TenCate ABDS™ Active Blast Countermeasure System proves Quantum Leap in Soldier Survivability

German BAAINBW and Dutch DMO have in two parallel projects tested the ABDS™ Blast Countermeasure System on full scale fully instrumented blast test rigs and APC vehicles.

In March and April 2015 TenCate Active Protection have finished two parallel demonstrations of the ABDS™system at IABG in Germany and DMO in the Netherlands finalizing a series of reference tests conducted over the last year. The tests have been performed at confidential threat levels and have fully demonstrated the capability of protecting the crew against the life threatening effects of large under belly IEDs and blast mines. The final test on a full scale vehicle was performed by NL DMO and TNO in the Netherlands and was witnessed by officers from the Dutch Army.

It is very impressive to witness the capability of this new innovative technology. What a few years ago was regarded as impossible has now been demonstrated to me to be an option as future protection system to be integrated on future vehicles  says Colonel G.P.J. Schijvenaars, one of the commanding officers at DMO.

The tests fully demonstrated the capability of the system to limit the effects of large under-wheel and under-belly blasts in challenging soil types. This is directly representative for current threats in mission-areas and thus clearly demonstrates to MODs the availability of a lifesaving technology countering the IED threats. 

We are very happy about the progress we have performed on the development of the ABDS system. We are now at the level where the system is ready to be mounted and tested on mission ready vehicles and we see a high interest from OEMs to enter into demonstrator projects for proving the existing and future vehicle platforms increased capability in mine protection by adding the ABDS active blast countermeasure system says Peter Bertelsen, Managing Director, TenCate Active Protection.

TenCate ABDS™ active blast countermeasure system is an efficient and effective underbody blast threat protection system that can be installed on light, medium and heavy platforms. Test results illustrate mounted occupant survivability improvements that surpass those of other currently available blast protection systems. Additionally to the protection against weapons effect the ABDS™systems offer a number of additional options not currently available in military armoured vehicles such as airbag control and seat belt tensioner as well as sensing for outputs to other functions. 

See test pictures below.

Before test


After test

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