TenCate Rosist

Multi-resistant surface

TenCate Rosist™ is a multi-resistant protectant that provides coatings in a wide range of different finishes to meet specific customer requirements. TenCate Rosist™ is a 100% flexible coating for use in high-end protection solutions such as TenCate Liba®, TenCate Multi-light™ and TenCate Ceratego™.  TenCate Rosist™ provides panels with maximum levels of safety, even in harsh environments and under extreme conditions.


Multi-protective coating

TenCate Rosist™ is a coating that provides protective panels with several features. It is capable of withstanding impacts from wear and tear, dirt, cleaning, exposure, detergents and decontaminating agents. These features result in a highly durable coating product with low wear and tear, resulting in operating costs that match customers’ requirements for low overall cost of ownership. 

TenCate Rosist™ can be sprayed on to provide specific surface finishes, ranging from granular to a smooth surface, depending on specific customer requirements.

Maximum safety in harsh environments

TenCate Rosist™ is designed to protect panels during all means of transport, in extreme environmental conditions and against specific weapon effects. Whether applied to a vehicle operating in the desert at high temperatures or on a naval vessel exposed to icy salt water and salt fog in the Arctic, TenCate Rosist™ is capable of providing maximum safety in virtually any harsh environment.

Technical advantages

• Sets rapidly (3–5 seconds) at any thickness without intervals, starting with 250 to 50,000 μ m.

• Fast cure for when undertaking repairs at ambient temperatures, even after 24 hours.

• No volatile organic content, 100% solids, and environmentally friendly.

• Outstanding abrasion resistance, impact strength, tensile strength, tear strength and high elongation per cent.

• High electrical resistance and high dielectric strength. Approved for cathodic disbondment for petroleum applications.

Flexible coating

TenCate Rosist™ is a flexible coating that provides protective panels with several different finishes. This coating technology is developed to ensure outstanding safety, even in harsh environments and under the most extreme conditions.



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