TenCate Pro-Tector

TenCate Pro-Tector™ technology

TenCate Pro-Tector® is a proprietary coated-fabric technology, based on the most effective high-performance fibres currently available, combined with different resin systems. This results in flexible, lightweight, high-performance fabrics, mostly intended for use in personal protection solutions.They can also be used in other applications where weatherproof or even blast-resistant properties are an advantage. 

This hightech product range provides several significant advantages, including strong durability with increased abrasion resistance, for better performance under tough conditions.

Flexible technology

  • Multi-threat personal protection
  • Protection against bullets, knives, needles and fragmentation blasts
  • Highly effective anti-ballistic armour
  • Coated fabric based on high-performance fibres
  • Non-metallic solution for higher comfort and greater endurance
  • Strong durability for better performance under tough conditions
  • Proven technology that is ideal for use in conflict zones, security operations and law enforcement duties

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TenCate Advanced Armour Material