TenCate Pro-Tector

TenCate Pro-Tector® standards

TenCate Pro-Tector® meets international standards and enables law enforcement, military and security services to use modular solutions and an outstanding protection in high-threat environments and under a wide variety of conditions.

Complies with international standards


The TenCate Pro-Tector® product range is certified in accordance with several international standards. 

Customer-specific requirements or modular solutions are available within each approved standard. The protection level depends on the layers used. These can be adjusted to match the apparent threat level given in a specific situation or operation. 

TenCate Pro-Tector® complies with multiple international standards, including NIJ, PSDB, ISO, TR, Mil and NATO STANAG, as well as particular customer requirements.

Flexible technology

  • Multi-threat personal protection
  • Protection against bullets, knives, needles and fragmentation blasts
  • Highly effective anti-ballistic armour
  • Coated fabric based on high-performance fibres
  • Non-metallic solution for higher comfort and greater endurance
  • Strong durability for better performance under tough conditions
  • Proven technology that is ideal for use in conflict zones, security operations and law enforcement duties

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