TenCate Liba

TenCate Liba®

The patented TenCate Liba® solution provides maximum protection against high threats, with an extremely high multi-hit protection capability.

TenCate Liba® inserts

TenCate Liba® is a patented technology based on ceramic pellets imbedded in a rubber matrix. TenCate Liba® inserts provide the user with outstanding protection against armour-piercing ammunition, with a high multi-hit protection capability against ten or more projectiles. This is the best possible multi-hit protection against armour-piercing ammunition currently available. And if a projectile impact damages the inserts, they can be repaired in the field. 

TenCate Liba® inserts are very resistant to both shock and impacts, and the ballistic protection properties do not deteriorate even when exposed to multiple blows or projectile impacts. This allows the user to undertake the operations required without worrying about damaging the inserts. TenCate Liba® CX inserts are made from silicon or boron carbide ceramic, a lighter product than TenCate Liba® AL inserts, which are made with aluminium oxide.

Key figures

Insert 250 x 300 mm. with two cut corners

TenCate Liba® CX
TenCate Liba® AL
Stand alone Insert:
Level of protection:
NIJ 0101.04
Level IV
Weight: 3.1 kg ± 0.1 kg
Thickness: 28 mm ± 1 mm
Multi hit: More than 10 shots
Insert, with vest:
Level of protection:
7.62 x 51 mm API B32 and
7.62 x 51 mm AP P80
Weight: 3.3 kg ± 0.1 kg
Thickness: 25 mm ± 1 mm
Multi hit: More than 10 shots

Customised solutions

TenCate Liba® inserts are lightweight and available in a wide range of shapes, from flat to complex ergonomic designs. This helps ensure that the vest fits the user perfectly, providing maximum comfort while in use and greater endurance during operations. TenCate Liba® rubber matrix is a perfect cover, providing good edge protection as well as shock resistance protection. 

Other products available to meet specific requirements include TenCate Multi-light™ CS, TenCate Multi-light™ PF and TenCate Multi-light™ CX.

Liba Insert


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