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TenCate Armourtex™ BL

TenCate Armourtex™ BL is a range of solutions designed to reinforce vehicle structures. 

These solutions can be fitted on existing vehicles, or alternatively they can be integrated into the production of new vehicles from the conception stage. 

TenCate Armourtex™ BL mine protection solutions allow to mitigate the intensity of the shock wave transmitted to the vehicle to be diminished, thus ensuring:

  • The integrity of the weak areas that can fail upon blast
  • A lower and more steady defl ection of the vehicles fl oor or sides
  • An increased resistance to the mines generating fragments


TenCate Armourtex™ BL mine protection solutions have been developed through intensive laboratory dynamic screening and scale blast tests, conducted in collaboration with recognized institutes.

Before and after 6 kg TNT test under wheel - (AEP-55 LEVEL 2A). TenCate Armourtex™ BL wheelarch protections, only weighing 21kg, showed very little damage.

RS14074_Quarter part of Panhard 1[1]


Technical data

Technical data is available on request, including deflection, accelerations, chest wall velocity and dynamic response index on seats.

Flexible technology

• Well-proven technology 

• High performance yarns in ballistic fabrics and prepregs 

• Protection for body armour and for use in vehicles, ships and aircraft 

• Coatings and impregnations 

• Flexible and light in weight 

• Great comfort and long endurance 

• Available for specific customer requirements


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