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TenCate Armourtex™


TenCate Armourtex™ consists of a whole product range based on high performance ballistic fabrics and prepreg based technology for superior protection. 

TenCate Armourtex™ products are based upon high performance yarns from various suppliers. Depending on customer specification or ballistic threat we can supply all types of ballistic materials and styles for manufacturing bulletproof vests, military helmets, fragment blankets, etc. 

TenCate Armourtex™ meets high international standards such as NIJ, HOSDB, ISO, TR, Mil and NATO STANAG, and we have many years of global experience as a material supplier..

Fabric-based protection


TenCate Armourtex™ features a comprehensive range of products that include high-performance ballistic fabrics, coated fabrics, prepregs and semipregs, and unidirectional-based fibre materials and panels used in a wide range of personal protection equipment. These include body armour, helmets, fragmentation blankets, anti-ballistic shields and the backings for protective armour used in vehicles, ships and aircraft. 

TenCate Armourtex™ materials are selected on the basis of the relative importance of the key parameters of performance, weight and cost. The fabric or prepreg most suitable for each purpose is selected on the basis of specification, performance requirement, price level or weight limit. The lightweight materials provide end-users with a lighter, more comfortable solution, in which cost-effective materials make it possible to comply with budget-restricted specifications. Depending on application, we can advise on the type of materials to use to give best combination of capabilities and benefits in products that include ballistic vest, helmets, backings, 3D mouldings and anti-ballistic shields. 

The materials and designs used are based on the most effective aramid and HPPE yarns currently available, combined with exceptional know-how regarding both applications and the practical use of these kinds of equipment.


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