Ballistic shields

TenCate Targa-light™ ballistic shields


TenCate Targa-light™ is a range of special anti-ballistic shields designed to provide personnel with the best possible protection against many different types of ammunition. 

They can be equipped with a full range of optional equipment, including ballistic glass, foldable legs, lights, upgraded protection, wheeled chassis, transport bag and a carrying system. This carrying system allows the weight of the shield to be carried on both shoulders, and can be removed in seconds by the user alone. 

TenCate Targa-light™ shields are light in weight, making sure the user can move around easily. This results in greater user endurance during operations under extreme conditions. The shields are also very resistant to shocks and impact, enabling the user to operate without worrying about damaging the shield. 

TenCate Targa-light™ ballistic protection equipment also features a high multi-hit capability, ensuring an outstanding degree of safety even if the shield is hit by multiple projectiles.

Flexible technology

• Anti-ballistic shields for personnel protection

• Highly effective anti-ballistic armour

• Made of high-molecular polyethylene and high-grade ceramics

• Ergonomic, lightweight and cost-effective

• Proven in conflict zones around the world


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