Ecological projects

Ecological projects from TenCate focus on an optimal balance between People, Planet and Profit. These are projects in which social, ecological and economic aspects of the value chain are as far as possible in balance with each other. Cooperation and co-creation are of central importance in these ecological projects. 
Key areas focus on the protection of people, materiel and the environment. These include projects to achieve energy reductions and fuel saving, the sustainable construction of infrastructure and aquastructure, reuse and recycling. 
Ecological projects of this kind are characterized by among other things their positive impact on objectives related to corporate social responsibility; an increase in economic return (particularly in the long term); the social relevance of the chosen solution; the great degree of cooperation with business partners, or with customers and government agencies (for example as launch customer); the binding force between one or more of the aforementioned key areas; and the degree of (sustainable) technological innovation. 
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)