Protecting People

TenCate focuses on the growing demand for protection of people and their living and working environments. The worldwide trends towards ‘safety and protection’ and ‘sustainability and the environment’ serve as the focal points of the protective solutions which TenCate provides. The four market themes are In transit, In habitats, At work and During leisure.

  • Field in a box on Scheveningen beach during 2016 Olympic Experience

    Olympic Experience Den Haag 2016

    During the 2016 Olympic Experience on the beach of Scheveningen, the Netherlands, Field in a box™ will be shown to the visiting public as the Box full of hopes & dreams©.

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  • txtures summer 2016

    txtures 2 / cover

    The summer edition this year of txtures is available: 52 pages with articles regarding the use of composite materials in aircraft and for personal protection, protective fabrics in work wear and geosynthetics for infrastructure and monitoring of structures.

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  • The Fire Watch

    The Firewatch

    In 1642 Rembrandt van Rijn completed his world famous painting The Night Watch (De Nachtwacht). Following the decision of the Twente Fire Brigade to purchase new turnout gear based on TenCate Millenia™ came the idea for the Fire Watch (De Brandwacht). 

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  • TenCate Advanced Composites celebrate the opening of their European Centre of Excellence for thermoset composite materials

    160519 Picture TenCate Advanced Composites regarding opening European Centre of Excellence

    TenCate Advanced Composites, a leading global composite materials company, celebrate the inaugural opening of their extended facility at Langley Mill (Nottingham), United Kingdom, the European Centre of Excellence for thermoset prepreg systems.

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  • TPRC Fokker and TenCate jointly win JEC Innovation Award for smart recycling of thermoplastic composites for aeronautics

    TPRC, Fokker and TenCate win JEC Innovation Award aeronautics

    The ThermoPlastic composites Research Center (TPRC) in partnership with the Fokker business unit of GKN and TenCate Advanced Composites have jointly won the JEC 2016 Innovation award for Aeronautics with their Carbon / PPS (C/PPS) leading edge access door panel, made utilizing recycled thermoplastic composites.

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  • GreenFields sets standard in Tunisia

    greenfields tunisia

    GreenFields, in collaboration with FIFA, recently organized a seminar in Hammamet (Tunisia), on various aspects of synthetic turf – from components to specifications and installation. The seminar, held on 11 and 12 March, had as its aim to increase quality awareness in Tunisia, to raise standards and bring greater structure to the Tunisian market. Five FIFA-certified pitches have meanwhile been installed, all part of the FIFA Quality Programme.

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