TenCate GeoDetect®

Technische Berichte

TenCate GeoDetect®: eine von Experten anerkannte innovative Lösung. Um die technischen Berichte herunterzuladen, die folgenden Links anklicken:

• Assessment of dam and dike behaviour with a fibre-optic based monitoring solution, Artières et. al, 2010/11, Zaragoza, Spain

 Fiber optics monitoring solutions for canal dykes,  Artières et al,  2010/05,PIANC MMX Liverpool Congress UK,


• Geosynthetic systems for earth dams – 35 years of experience, Artières et. al, 2009/10, Symposium on Long Term Dam Behaviour, Graz , Austria

• Contribution of fibre-optic geosynthetics instrumentation for the monitoring of rehabilited failed slope, Loke et al., 2009/09, GeoAfrica,, Cape Town 2, South Africa


 Full-scale experimental study of an embankment reinforced by geosynthetics and rigid piles over soft soil, Briançon at al,, 2008/10, Eurogeo4, Edinburgh


• Geotextile and optic fibers: feedback after four years of use in soil, Nancey at al,, 2007/01, Geosynthetics 2007, GRI-20, Washington D.C., USA


 Set up of a warning system integrated inside a reinforced geotextile for the survey of railway,  Briançon et al., 2006/09, Yokohama, Japan

 Survey of a bridge abutment reinforced by geosynthetics, with optic sensors integrated in geotextile strips, Nancey et al, 2006/09, Yokohama, Japan

• Fiber optic technology in geosynthetics instrumentation for monitoring of soil structures,  Loke et al., 2006/09, Yokohama, Japan


• Development of GeoDetect : a new warning system for the survey of reinforced earth constructions, Briançon et al, 2005, Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica, Vol. XXVII, n°1-2

Material photo - TenCate GeoDetect®